Monday, March 17, 2014

Mid-day update for 3-17-2014.

  1. Yi: +9.3, +8.3, +8.0
  2. A possible bottom here for: FCX
  3. Trying to bottom out: ACH, AEO, JDST
  4. Extremely oversold: DUST
  5. Oversold: DBB and DGLD
  6. Moderately oversold: ACAS, BA, C, CSCO, DSLV, EWJ, FXI, GXC, NCR, NTES, OCR, PGA, PTR, YAO, ZSL
  7. Attempting to hold the 65 DMA here: $DJW, $HGX, $MOX, $OEX, $WTIC, FNDF, IRF, NAT, V, VGK, VIS, XLF
  8. Attempting to hold the 28 day: $SPX, ARMH, AXP, BLL, CWI, DDM, EXP, GE, GLW, QQQQ, SCHG, SHI, VOT, WSO, XLY
  9. Up against the 65 day: $BDI
  10. Moderately overbought: $DJGSP, $XAU, ABX, AEM, GDX, GG, SLW
  11. Overbought: DGP, GLD, IAU, JNUG, NUGT, UGLD
  12. Anything posted here may be off base.

1 comment:

DebuDG said...

Hi Yogi:

I wonder if you would consider adding the following open-end funds to your list: PMPIX, SPPIX, FYAIX and AFBIX.