Friday, November 1, 2013

Late day update 11-1-2013.

1. Yi: +9.7, +9.5
2. Trying to bottom out: AKAM
3. Oversold: AVP and MED
4. Moderately oversold: $BDI, AKAM, CAT, RJA
5. Attempting to hold the 65 DMA: ACH
6. Attempting to hold the 28 day: DM, MOS, QCLN, SCHH
7. Up against the 28 day: DGLD
8. Moderately overbought: INTC and IRF
9. Overbought: CWI and SPLV
10. Toppy here: AVAV
11. Anything posted here may be off base.


Debu said...


You might like to add the newly introduced Junior Gold Miners ETFs JNUG and JDST to your system.



Yogi Zuna said...

I will place them in the mix Debu, thanks.